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Le livre : La danse biodynamique

Vous pouvez vous procurer ce livre auprès de l’auteur si vous fréquentez l’association ou l’acheter directement en ligne sur le site internet des éditions du Souffle d’Or.

If you are already attending some courses, you can get this book directly from the author. Otherwise, you can buy it online on the publisher’s website (Editions du Souffle d’Or).

Puede adquirir un ejemplar de este libro, contactando directamente con su autor, o comprarlo en línea, en la página internet de la Editorial del Souffle d’Or).

The book "La danse Biodynamique"

Spiral of Life
After an injury, Rafael Baile had to put an end to his career as a dancer. He went on a spiritual journey and became a therapist. By reading several amazing experiences he had, we are lead to understand the stages that enabled him to create and then later, develop the tenets of Biodynamic Dance. Biodynamic Dance (meaning in the move of life) (...)


More than a hobby aiming at expression and body liberation or a mere recreational interlude, Biodynamic Dance is primarily a way of being fueled by the movement of life, which becomes its main drive. Biodynamic Dance directly springs from Reichian theories showing the correspondence between psychic repression and the repressed body. Not only (...)


I remember my philosophy teacher in the last year of high school. According to him artists, especially dancers and singers, should be paid by social security because they are true catalysts of energy and a necessary antidote to our heavy intellectual, technocratic, official systems that stiffen our lives and stifle the impetus for creativity! (...)

Movement and Dance therapy course

Body Mechanic, Movement Surgeon
During the same year, in 2001, I also organized a one-week-course. It was going to set the basis of a biodynamic movement therapeutic process. When still a student at the Centre in Montpellier, deformations of the body linked to different pathological structures particularly appealed to me, e.g the masochist type (sunken), the schizoid type (...)

Creation work

Training of « dancing artists »
Biodynamic Dance was born of therapy, then it developed and spread through classes, workshops and courses, finally asserting itself by a structured teaching and training of dance instructors. Today, it has become an artistic expression in its own right thanks to an art of choreography that has not been fossilized in a technique or a special (...)


Stages «danse et spiritualité»
Courses « Dance and Spirituality » In regard to the specific work of movement and dance in relation with our higher selves and universal consciousness I have designed special courses for students with sufficient body awareness. Dance here is performed as a practice and a ritual. Going back to the original meaning of dance, this approach also (...)
The book "La danse Biodynamique"
Spiral of Life
In the tradition of biodynamic psychology(*), Rafael Baile tells us the fantastic adventure of Biodynamic Dance through his own (...)
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